I Love You!
I Love You!
I Love You!
I Love You!

I Love You!

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There is nothing better than seeing your mother smile. Which is why we put together our "I Love You!" gift package.

She won't stop smiling for days. 

Also great for Birthday's, Anniversaries or just saying I love you! 

Includes your choice of:
  • Two bags of Neighbourhood Coffee blends
  • Roasted coffee soy candle from Sara’s Candles
  • Pick Me Up Espresso Chocolate Bark

Sara's Candles are hand poured with love using 100% soy wax, and richly scented with high quality fragrance oils from her studio in South Etobicoke.  She has been making and selling candles in stores across the country since 2016, and has been an artisan at the One of a Kind Show and Sale since 2019. 

Pick Me Up Espresso Dark Chocolate Bark

NEW 100 g Espresso Dark Chocolate Bark

We are excited to announce a brand new partnership with SKETCH where we have co-produced a Espresso Dark Chocolate Bark.

This is a co-owned brand where 50% of all revenue is going directly to SKETCH. 

The product was created by SKETCH culinary arts specialist Quinatzin Aguilar Gutierrez (follow him on his Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/chefquinatzin/?hl=en).

Quinatzin worked hard to create the highest quality espresso chocolate that you will ever taste. Pick-Me-Up Espresso Dark Chocolate Bark combines the highest quality dark chocolate with our Annex Artisanal Espresso Roast coffee to create a taste sensation that will leave you and your friends craving more.


Beaches Blonde | Lighter Roast

100% Organic, Premium Arabica Coffee

Beaches Blonde appeals to the urban-dweller and nature lover, with a balanced, clean, refined and complex blend that was created for a walk on the beach in the morning and a mid-afternoon patio conversation with friends.

This lively blend is roasted for people who want the subtle and smooth flavours of chocolate and spices without any sharpness or acidity.

Humber Reflections | Medium Roast

100% Organic, Premium Arabica Coffee

Humber Reflections is an iconic coffee, just like the area its’ named after. It’s a coffee that can lead you down a meandering path of thought or let you meditate and focus to find a sense of calm and serenity.

This blend is a rich brew with maximum intensity and fullness while still revealing a clean, round, and mildly sweet flavour that balances a dash of acidy brightness. Lovers of full bodied coffee will want to cross over and explore Humber Reflections.

Signature Blend | Medium Dark Roast

Sophisticated, energizing, silky and earthy, this is a blend that exemplifies the eclectic and diverse nature of Toronto.

From the highlands of Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras and Peru comes a blend tailored for richness and deep flavour with a complexity that only a master roaster could capture. By selecting prime Central and South American beans we’ve captured an exceptional coffee experience.

Annex Artisanal | Espresso Roast

100% Organic, Premium Arabica Coffee

Annex Artisanal is a thoughtful and robust espresso roast, equally comfortable as an espresso, but it will also surprise your taste buds as an amazing drip coffee as well.

This roast is complex, robust and full of flavours, just like the Annex. It also maintains the lowest level of acidity that leaves a beautiful sweetness to the aftertaste. You can sit back and enjoy a shot or a cup at your leisure, perhaps while getting caught up reading a book or enjoying the sights of your neighbourhood. 

Swiss-Water Decaf | Medium Dark Roast

Many people are either trying to reduce their caffeine or they simply can't consume caffeine for a variety of reasons. But they still want a great cup of coffee. While some people would have you believe that you can't find a good cup of decaf coffee, we can tell you that those people are simply wrong. 

Includes a special holiday box plus delivery within Toronto and applicable taxes.

Delivery outside of Toronto will be subject to Canada Post, including delivery timing. 

We value community and that's why we support SKETCH, a community arts initiative nurturing the talents of marginalized youth through the arts. 

We also donate a percentage of each sale directly to SKETCH as well as working with their community to find other opportunities to co-create new products and showcase the great work they are doing in the community. By purchasing a gift box, you are helping SKETCH to continue building more opportunities for youth in our community.