Roasted in small batches using a unique blend of beans, our roasts capture the diversity of Toronto while maintaining a sophisticated and robust full flavours that only dedicated artisanal roasters, like ours, can create.

We are inspired by Toronto. That is why our labels are a showcase of this wonderful city, captured by local artists who reflect the diversity of the people who live here.  

Beaches Blonde

For those who prefer a lighter roast with lots of flavour and low acidity. This light roast may very well become your go-to coffee.

Humber Reflections

This medium coffee is perfectly balanced for everyone who wants a subtle but flavourful cup of coffee. You will get lost when sipping a cup of Humber Reflections.

Annex Artisanal

Espresso has been one of the most requested blends for us to carry and Annex Artisanal won't disappoint. For those of you who think an espresso is only for fancy machines, you will be positively surprised how much you will enjoy this as a drip coffee as well.

Organic Signature Blend

This was our first blend to launch and it was quickly loved by our customers. This medium-dark blend from Columbia, Nicaragua, Honduras and Peru is a fantastic every day coffee. Well balanced and perfectly suited for morning, noon and night.

Swiss-Water Decaf

Not everyone enjoys caffeine, but they don't want to sacrifice flavour and quality. That's why we have introduced our Swiss-Water Decaf blend. It leaves out the caffeine without sacrificing the amazing taste of our premium coffee.