We're small, but we're growing and we'd love to have you join our family.


If you are interested in applying for any position, we'd love to hear from you.

We are looking to build a team that represents the neighbourhoods that make up Toronto. We understand that many companies in the past have maintained hiring practices that have disproportionately hurt the most marginalized people in society — including people of colour, people from working class backgrounds, women and LGBTQ people. We believe that a diverse and inclusive community must be central to the company that we want to build. Hence, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities.
Currently, our jobs are for positions lasting mainly through the Farmer Market season and vary from full time to part-time and on-call basis. Our goal is to hire key people once the Markets close and ideally on a full-time/ part-time ongoing basis if business permits. 
Submit applications to info@neighbourhoodcoffee.ca