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Compostable Coffee Pods

Say hello to Neighbourhood Coffee’s compostable K-cups, encased in the revolutionary Nexe Pod. Brew an exceptional cup of coffee and bid adieu to guilt, with pods that take a mere 17 to 25 days to compost – a stark contrast to the centuries it takes plastic pods to break down.

Compostable Coffee Pods

Our Nexe pods offer a higher volume capacity than standard single-serve capsules and are fully compatible with leading coffee machine formats. Be part of the solution, not pollution, with the most sustainable coffee pod experience ever. Great coffee shouldn’t cost the earth, and with Neighbourhood Coffee, it doesn’t have to.

What the heck’s a Nexe Pod?

Say hello to Nexe Pods, our little eco-rockstars in the single-serve coffee universe.

Here’s why they’re the talk of the town:
Plant-Based: Crafted entirely from plant-based materials, it’s like giving Mother Earth a ‘we gotchu’ for every brew.
Quick Composting: These baddies kick plastic pods to the curb, taking a brisk 17 to 25 days to compost fully (vs the years other pods could take).
Superior Capacity: Nexe Pods pack a punch with more volume than standard capsules (up to 15% more!) while still delivering those premium flavours you know and love.
Machine Compatible: They play nice with all Keurig machine formats. No fuss, just great Neighbourhood coffee.
Sustainability Leader: Five years of science-backed testing birthed these eco wonders, pushing the envelope for sustainable coffee experiences.

Nexe Pods are new, shiny and super sustainable, so feel free to hop on the innovative sustainability wagon with us because hey, great coffee shouldn’t cost the Earth.

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