Why we are committed to using local artists for our labels and branding.
December 14, 2020

Why we are committed to using local artists for our labels and branding.

Toronto is vibrant because of the people who reflect a diversity of cultures and backgrounds that make Toronto unique in the world. There are over 250 ethnicities, speaking 170 languages who represent non-belief and most religious beliefs. They are all sexual orientations and hold a wide spectrum of political opinions, all living in harmony.
Neighbourhood Coffee is a company that is built on a foundation of inclusivity and the belief that neighbours should help neighbours and we can all become friends over a cup of coffee.
That is why we want to provide the opportunity to see Toronto through the eyes of a diversity of artists. How they see Toronto and to reflect how Toronto has affected them through the people, buildings and interactions that make Toronto home.
As we expand, we will continue to showcase the incredible talent that makes Toronto exceptional on our labels. 
We would like to introduce our artists on our current coffee blends:

Neighbourhood Coffee Beaches Blonde: Toronto Light Roast

Neighbourhood Coffee Beaches Blonde Toronto
The Artist: Pogi the artist
"I am a multidisciplinary artist & moved to Toronto to further my education and artistic journey. I graduated from OCAD University in 2019, and was a part of the winter SKETCH Working Studio residency for Black emerging artists, hosted at Toronto's Artscape Youngplace (this year).
I am an abstract and conceptual artist, with a style influenced by graffiti and realism. My work consists of images of coffee, vices, brick walls, and tunnels abstractly morphed together with nature and concrete structures.
Neighbourhood Choice: After deciding not to return back to Bermuda, Toronto’s buildings and small neighborhoods began to stand out to me. Which then led me to record the streets that I currently frequent and live. I derive so much inspiration from this skyline, that I am finally starting to feel at home." 

Neighbourhood Coffee Humber Reflections: Toronto Medium Roast

Neighbourhood Coffee Humber Reflections Toronto Medium Coffee
The Artist: Cilla
"Cilla is a black queer entrepreneur of Caribbean descent based in Toronto who started doing makeup in 2014. Being unable to express herself growing up, Cilla began to use her hands to create stories and movement through art. She fell in love with editorial and fashion-based looks and how free and open it was. She began body painting and realized it would be a seamless transition incorporating patterns, shapes and odd brush strokes to the human body.
Neighbourhood Choice: I chose to illustrate the city of Toronto from the Humber Bay neighbourhood. I mixed three art disciplines together, visual arts (body painting), and photography. I decided to abstractly paint a body observing the city of Toronto and the river that leads through Humber Bay, connected to Lake Ontario because I wanted to highlight how all the cities connect one way or another. For example, Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Guelph, Toronto and many others all connect by the waters surrounding us whether it be by streams, rivers, or lakes keeping us together. Overlooking the waters you can see the CN Tower, the AGO, the Rogers Centre, OCADU, City Hall, the ROM, and other neighbourhood houses that makeup Toronto.
The reason I chose to incorporate body art into the photo was because the city is made up of so many different people of different cultures, genders, ethnicities and body types. Everyone plays a part in bringing life into the city from artists to musicians and entertainers, doctors, students, all essential workers, activists and many more. Looking at the city from the outside in it is very reminiscent of a free-flowing work of art that depicts movement, energy, learning and unlearning, bright colours, dark rich colours, cracks, bends, and straight and uneven lines that we all carry a part of." 

Neighbourhood Coffee Signature Blend: Toronto Medium-Dark Roast

Neighbourhood Coffee Signature Blend Toronto
The Artist: Melissa Archer
I’m a passionate, Visual Storyteller who has diplomas in both Graphic Design and 3D Animation. I have experience in a variety of different industries. I am a multi-disciplinary designer who specializes in Visual Identity, Print Design, Typography, Lettering, Illustration, and Web Design.
Neighbourhood Choice: Neighbourhood Coffee is celebrating Toronto and the many neighbourhoods that make the city a home. Creating a vibrant and diverse label was the starting point for their brand. It was important to convey themes of unity, togetherness, and a joyful city vibe. 

Neighbourhood Coffee Annex Artisanal: Toronto Espresso Roast

Neighbourhood Coffee Annex Artisanal Toronto Espresso Roast
The Artist: Amy Walsh-Harris
"Amy was born in Toronto and has lived in neighbourhoods all over the city and around the province of Ontario. Her paintings capture the essence of life in those neighbourhoods, the magic and beauty in everyday moments. She takes her inspiration from the light and shadow, the reflections we catch in a fleeting glance out of the corner of our eye.  
This painting of Honest Ed's is from a collection of works depicting disappearing Toronto landmarks. The classic spots where we would eat and drink, travel and meet rendered in oil on wood or canvas with a strong emphasis on bold colour." 

Neighbourhood Coffee: Building a Toronto Coffee Tradition

Our team is committed to providing the best quality coffee, made with the highest quality Organic, Arabica beans. We are equally committed to reflecting Toronto in our brand and living our values through our company by helping our neighbours. That's why we support SKETCH, a community arts initiative helping marginalized youth. 
Two of our artists are from SKETCH and we continue to work with SKETCH to help create co-branded products, where proceeds go to SKETCH and the artists from SKETCH.
If you would like to learn more about what they are doing, please go to sketch.ca.