Launching Neighbourhood Coffee in Toronto

Neighbourhood Coffee celebrates Toronto and the many neighbourhoods that make our city home. With coffee, we want to bring Toronto together (at a safe social-distance of course) so people can connect, talk and turn neighbours into friends.
Neighbourhood Coffee Toronto
Roasted in small batches that use a unique blend of beans, our roast captures the diversity of Toronto, while maintaining a sophisticated and robust full flavour that only dedicated artisanal roasters, like ours, can create.
Sophisticated, energizing, silky and earthy, this is a blend that exemplifies the eclectic and diverse nature of Toronto. (We really do like it, and think you will too!)
Neighbourhood Coffee is currently only available within the GTA for now. It can be purchased through and eventually our local Farmers Markets when they open.
Neighbourhood Coffee Toronto
In addition to selling great coffee, we're introducing our customers to other small businesses in neighbourhoods throughout Toronto. Our first "business pairing" is for Mother's Day. We are putting together two bags of our original blend with hand crafted and organic chocolate from Coco Crafted Organic Chocolate and Ice Cream.
It's a great deal at $29.99! (shameless plug.)
Neighbourhood Coffee Toronto
Today is exciting for our team, as we're coffee lovers who have turned our passion into a small business for our neighbours to enjoy. We'd love it if you visited us and we hope that you not only enjoy what we make, but that you spread the word. We’re hoping to grow our business one satisfying cup at a time.

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