Neighbourhood Coffee

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About Us

We don’t just roast coffee at Neighbourhood Coffee.
We’re creating community connections right here in Toronto, one batch at a time.

Our Story

So who are we exactly? Well, picture a bunch of neighbours from Toronto, each with a shared love for the beautiful bean, deciding to transform their passion into a coffee-fuelled adventure. Our small business roasts small batches of coffee, not just for the friendly faces next door, but for coffee enthusiasts far and wide. Because, let’s face it, nothing stirs the community pot like a delicious cup of coffee. It’s the universal language of dreams, debates, and diverse perspectives.

Why Neighbourhood Coffee?

You see, Neighbourhood Coffee is more than just a roaster; it’s a love letter to Toronto’s vibrant diversity and its mosaic of over 100 distinct neighbourhoods. Each bag of our coffee features local artists who bring their unique Toronto views to our assorted roasts. So with each sip, you’re not only savouring delicious coffee but also immersing yourself in a local artist’s vision. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that our coffee tastes really good (and we’re woman-led!).

From sourcing to roasting, every step at Neighbourhood Coffee is done with the local Toronto community in mind. We’re crafting community connections, one batch at a time, right here in our beloved city. We invite you to experience the distinctive taste of artisanal roasting with Neighbourhood Coffee – your local, premium artisan coffee roaster.

So here’s to a shared cup, a shared dream, and a shared neighbourhood. Welcome to Neighbourhood Coffee! We’re stoked to have you here. Now let’s pour you a cup, shall we?

Who leads our Neighbourhood?

If we had to define a great Neighbour in one word, we’d use the name Karen. Seriously. She’s both the backbone and the leader of Neighbourhood Coffee (and so much more).

Beyond her role at the helm, Karen is a coffee enthusiast, a cheerleader for sustainability, and an advocate for the local community. Her keen eye for quality and passion for artisanal roasting have made us more than just a coffee brand; under her guidance, we’re your neighbourhood partner in Toronto.

Karen doesn’t just lead us; she embodies the very essence of Neighbourhood Coffee.